My pilgrimage in Hungary from Esztergom to Máriagyűd
This is the first book by ?Maxwell Deyes, adapted from one of his journals into a travelogue. After completing El Camino de Santiago in 2009, he continued walking across Europe, eventually leading him onto the Hungarian Pilgrims Way in March 2012.
The Hungarian Camino is not yet as well established or developed as the Spanish El Camino. This is perhaps why it can be a more interesting and challenging experience for an outsider.
The language and customs of Spain are far more familiar to most of us than those of Hungary and in many ways more rewarding to delve into for that very reason. Like many other Pilgrims, Maxwell did not walk the way for any religious reasons, but simply for his love of The Road. Believing that the best way to experience nature and explore a new place is on fott, even if they do hurt sometimes. With only the most basic provisions in his backpack, the vaguest preconceptions in his head and almost no understanding of the language; join Maxwell as he walks, stumbles and occasionally falls down on a road through Hungary, with only his own inner demons and the hope of true love for company.
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